Reveal Video #9

Jan 10, 2024

I got pretty excited about this set of bottles that feature sun ripened… something I couldn’t read, and a bottle with a great looking label with a guy on a horse. Plus some not-the-usual bottles from some famous names.

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Okay, paper wrapped. Heavy. Maybe made of glass. That’s always a good sign. Oh, interesting. Okay, so this is an ouzo.

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Hello and welcome to my Tiny Bottles, the project where I’m exploring my grandmother’s legacy of miniature liquor bottles, one tiny bottle at a time.

We are here for another unboxing video, which is of course my favorite part, and I hope yours too. I have the box of fun. I have picked five random bottles that I literally just grabbed with my eyes closed and put them in this box. And now I’m going to see what I have to explore.

Okay, paper wrapped. Heavy. Maybe made of glass. That’s always a good sign. Oh, interesting. Okay, so this is an ouzo. So I’ve opened up one other ouzo before, from Boutari. This one is Metaxa. So that’s like a much better known ouzo brand. Should be pretty easy to research.

Even though this is a glass bottle, it’s half empty already. It’s also got some tape on top. So I think the label must have started falling off. Actually on the bottom too. The label must have started falling off and my grandmother probably taped it back together.

Nice job, Grandma. I’d be really sad if it was lost, right? No label, I would have nothing to go on.

Alright, so Metaxa ouzo.

Another glass bottle. Imported from Poland. Alright, gonna get out the magnifying glass for this one. Polish cherry something from Wisniak.

40 proof is like written on practically and 50 ML. It’s got this really cool looking horse on the front, guy on a horse. $1.25. Tax stamps at the top, so should be able to find out some things about dating on this. So polish cherry something or other.

All right. Can’t be any worse than other cherry things I’ve tasted for My Tiny Bottles.

(flashback to Cherry Cola Schnapps tasting video)

And this one is Noblesse. A Canadian whiskey. Let’s see, bottled in bond. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what that means in the Canadian whiskey context. It’s not as clear as in the US.

10 years old and Montreal Canada. So we’ve got a tax label on this one too. Which I think actually might be a Canadian tax label, but only half of it so see we’ll see what I can find out.

That’s three, aiming for five. So let’s grab this, which is a two-fer.

All right, another clear liquid. This is Canadian, so it’s from Palliser Distillers in Lethbridge, Toronto, Canada.

Mandalay? I’m telling you, even with the magnifying glass, I kind of have no idea what this is.

“Serve straight up on the rocks or with a mixer. Made from carefully selected ingredients including,” let’s see, sun ripened… berries? And “blended by our master distiller.” I really have no idea.

Your guess is as good as mine on that one. Wow. At least it’s full. And what else?

So this is kind of neat. So this is Myers Original Rum Cream. If you know the Myers brand at all, you know it as a rum brand, right? They make Myers Rum, that really dark rum that gets used in cocktails is from Jamaica.

But a lot of those Caribbean producers historically produced these cream liqueurs as well. And I think still do today, although I don’t know if Myers does. But yeah, so these cream liqueurs kind of were capitalizing, I think, on the success of Bailey’s Irish Cream and things like that.

So this is a cream liqueur from Myers. And… uh… it’s not gonna be one I’m gonna drink.

(closeup of bottle showing separation)

So this is this is quite impressive. There’s liquid above and below and then a layer of solid cream in the middle. I suppose if I shook it well enough, I might be able to get it to come back together.

People ask me, do you get worried about tasting these bottles that they’re going to make you sick?¬†Only ones like this. The other ones? Not too worried about those, but yeah, cream that’s been at a bottle for 40 years? Not my jam.

All right, so I’m going to go research these new treasures!


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