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This unboxing episode opens with a major mystery and one of the most intriguing bottles from Grandma’s collection I’ve discovered so far. Then it’s a fun selection, mostly of liqueurs, which should make for some interesting research and future episodes!

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This is definitely one of the more interesting things I have found.

After opening:

Hello and welcome to My Tiny Bottles, the project where I’m exploring my grandmother’s legacy of miniature liquor bottles, one tiny bottle at a time.

I am here with the box which means it’s time for another reveal video. Grandma left behind hundreds of miniature bottles and I don’t know what they are, so this is my opportunity to grab them, take a first look at them, share that fun with you, and then I will go off and research them.

Now, the first bottle I’m going to show I have actually seen before. I saw the corner of it when I was getting some bottles for the last reveal video. And I was really confused by what I saw and so I had to take a peek and then I was even more confused. So I decided I would start this video with it.

So this is a bottle of Taylor Fladgage, Late Bottled Vintage Port from 1982.

Now, if you know Port at all, you know that Port is a red wine. And if you look at this bottle, you will see this is not red.

This is clear. What is going on? All the red coloring is collected a sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

And I don’t know how that happens. And I have no idea what it is going to taste like.

If we shake it, will it reincorporate? No idea, but this is definitely one of the more interesting things I have found in the bottles.

So there we go. Cool. All right, so that’s that one. Now these next ones I really haven’t seen before.

So I’m going to grab paper wrapped ones to start off with. Things come in different boxes, some are just like carefully arranged in little boxes and some are wrapped up in paper. Usually I think the less good ones are in paper, but I don’t know.

This might be a less good one. I don’t know. So it might be a rum. It says, let’s see, Roncoco.

Okay, so this sounds vaguely familiar to me. (Looks through magnifying glass.) It’s not a rum, it is a liquor made with light white rum. Okay, that makes more sense. I saw the word liqueur and was like “what is going on here?”

So, 24% alcohol by volume, 48 proof. 50 milliliters. It’s got a government warning label on it, it’s plastic, so post 1989.

Don’t know anything about Roncoco. We’ll find out. Maybe it’ll be good. Could be. I don’t judge. Nah, I totally judge. Okay, next up.

Oh! Alright, this is amazing. I have been really hoping to see this bottle. This is Drambuie. So Drambuie is not Scotch. We’ve had a lot of Scotch, but it is a Scotch-based liqueur. (Picks up Roncoco bottle.) So kind of like this is rum liqueur. This is Scotch liquor. And it’s from Scotland.

And the reason I’m so excited about it is because a friend of mine, Rick, (hi Rick if you’re watching this) gifted me a full sized bottle of vintage Drambuie in a fabulous box. And it looks amazing and it’s unopened. And I haven’t opened it because I was like I want to wait and see if I get a mini of Drambuie and then we can compare it to that. Wo when we get to taste this they’ll be the mini and the big one and then hopefully a modern one too. Super, super cool. I’m excited about this one. It’s always nice when things I hope will be there appear in a timely manner.

All right, now we’ve got some loose ones just floating around. Another glass bottle. Hooray, another rum-based liqueur.

So this one is Jonkanoo. So was this one was (picks up Roncoco), I wonder if they’re connected. This is Roncoco, it’s probably coconut flavored. (picks up Jonkanoo) This is Jonkanoo, but it has a coconut right on the front of it. So definitely coconut flavored.

(Reading) Coconut rum. Coconut rum liqueur. “A blend of important domestic light rums with natural essences and flavors of the coconut.”

Hey, this is Rieder Distillery Limited. So I have already talked about a couple bottles from them. The Bolivar coffee liquor and an eau de vie. So this was Otto Rieder, distillery started in Canada in I think the 1970s. That’s really cool.

I’m still trying to get connected to Bill Ashburn, if you’re watching this, he’s the current blender of Forty Creek and worked at Rieder Distillery back in the day. And so I really want to get together with him and taste these bottles. So now I have another one to bring along on that adventure.

Right, last but not least.

I like it when my hands feel glass. Café Noir. Another liqueur? It’s liqueur day here.

Café Noir is, as you would expect, coffee liquor. English and French writing on this one.

Hmm. Mc Guinness, not Guinness, but Mc Guinness Distillers Limited Toronto, Canada.

So I don’t know it, but this one’s got nice high level. I unboxed bottle of Tia Maria not very long ago maybe we’ll pair these up and do a side by side coffee tasting.

All right well I’ve got a bunch of nice bottles to check out and you should subscribe to my channel so that you can see what happens when I get around to tasting those. And even before that you can see what happens as I tell each of their little individual stories. Every bottle has a story, sometimes they’re really surprising.


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